27 August 2010

what a waste of an asshole

she was gorgeous in the face
i mean gorgeous
fucking gorgeous
she once caused an accident
when a driver looked at her
she was gorgeous in the legs
and the ass as well, really tall
hot, and striking, but naked
her ass hung, her nipples pointed
inward -- and worst of all -- her ass-
hole had a hemorrhoid
poking out assymetrically.
it's really a shame
cause she'd give up anal
every single day
if i asked.


  1. little-jo-the-slaveAugust 29, 2010 at 7:20 PM

    tell me you want my asshole, master. my asshole is better than hers. i have no hair and it is beautiful and pink. you can stick your massive tool in me whenever you want, with whoever you want. use my ass and make me the luckiest slut. i will eat your cock and cream after, you know. tell me i can use your most perfect dick in my ass, please sir.

  2. Sounds like you've fucked her several times and at will.

    -Whore Amy

  3. Amy, you're right: i fucked her for months at will. She became my total whore. She fell in love with me and did anything i asked of her. She's let me face fuck her, pound her ass for hours, blow me in public, strip in front of my other girlfriends, anything. She was a lot of fun!

  4. That picture is gorgeous, is that her?

  5. What a gorgeous slut she is. Master is so lucky to fuck a slut like her. Fine ass bitch. She is lucky too because Master let her have a taste of his monster cock.


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