30 July 2010

The preacher's wife

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is this what the husband worries his wife is doing?
Who is this?
Who is this?
Well, I was checking the phone records and saw a lot of calls to your number. Do I know  you?
I don't know. Who are you?
Mr. Kim
I don't know.
It wasn't my phone. Do you know Anna Kim?
Anna Kim?
I'm sorry. I don't know who you are. How can I answer your questions?
Why do you ask?
She called your number a lot.
What's your worst nightmare?
A facial?
Up the ass?
So, what, you think I must be fucking her?
Why else would you call? You must think she's taking my cock, maybe even think she's here right now—on her knees in front of me.
No. I don't.
Wearing my cum like expensive moisturizer, telling me how great I am. How my cock is so much bigger than yours is.
No. She's right here.
Well, then what?
I just wanted to know who she was calling. I'm her husband.
Well, now you found out. You should be asking her, not snooping around. But that's between you and her. Look at her face because, by the way, yesterday, she let me cum all over it. She said you never did that.
I have.
Said she never had an orgasm before?
She said that?
Happy now? Glad you called? Glad to hear the voice of the man attached to the large  cock gagging your wife while you’re at work? the man with big thick cock?
I know that she would never.
Really? Funny, because I know all about you, preacher. She said she wanted to be my slave—do anything for me—cause she needs a big cock. Ask her. She'll admit it. Slave. Not girlfriend, not whore—but slave. I have photos too. She's bent over modeling her asshole after I obliterated it. She likes it up the ass now. She likes being smacked while sodomized, the little slut.
Wives cheat. It's no big deal. She's not ugly.
She is ugly. Tell her I said so. She has a big hairy pussy, you know that. And little hairs on her nipples. She only looks good with cock up her ass and a big load on her face. Go ahead and tell her that. She's a desperate whore.
She's been a good wife. How dare you say that? I'll kill you.
She had my cock in her ass yesterday. Why defend her? If that's a good wife, you're seriously fucked, man. I mean, I'm not married. Maybe I don't know much about wives, but as soon as I met Anna she was hungry for cock. First night I met her she came back to my house, got buck naked on the couch and asked me to cum inside her. Your wife, man. How's that for a slut? I love it. Hell, tell her to come over now and suck on my cock. I'm getting hard just thinking about the slut.
Please stop. I'm sorry I called. I see I've offended you. I will let you go.
I don't want to go, man. Is she there with you?
I said, is she there with you?
Look at her. Look at that face. What do you see?
My wife's face.
No. You see the place where I dropped a big load of cum yesterday.  Her first load of cum ever. How's that feel?
You want to be happy?
You want Anna to be happy?
I'll tell you what man. Let's fuck her together. You and me, man. You say okay and I'll get right over there. You can watch how she submits to me. And I'll have her take both of our cocks at once.
No, I'm sorry I called.
She said she'd like you to see how hot she gets. She'd like you to be there with her, to hold her while another cock defiles her ass. Think how proud you'll feel cumming on her face for the first time, realizing that your wife is a whore capable of satisfying all your dreams. Doesn't that sound good?
I’m sorry I called.
Try it, man. Ask her if anyone’s ever called her ugly.
Baby, have you ever been called ugly? She isn’t answering me.
Ask her who’s cock is...Anna’s voice gets on: I’m sorry for my husband.
Don’t be. Tell him you want my big cock up your ass now while he watches.
I can’t. It will crush him.
Kneel down slave.
A voice comes out from the background -- what are you doing, honey? stand up, honey.
Honey, i want you to watch him put his massive cock up my ass.  He is my owner.


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