23 August 2010

the Pros and Cons of the Push-up Bra (reblogged cause she's so hot!)

Gorgeous girl & Gorgeous Photo

I love sluts in push-up bras while they are clothed, but i'm so disappointed when i get the bitch home and naked and find out it was all fraudulent false advertising. Luckily this bitch has massive cans so a push-up bra taken off is still a pleasure. When thick-hipped, flat-chested sluts do it, it's really a turn off.

The Fraud

she looks like a sweet
little student, secuctive
with massive sweater meat.
she's got Aztec-red lips

like Lolita
and asks if i can give her
some very hard extra help
“kneel and open wide,” her teacher says

on her knees now
on the classroom floor
curvy and sexy
i will give her inches

and inches of help
“yes, sir.” i slip upstairs in her
her eyes open wide
her upper lips has beads of sweat

she lets me stretch her lips and cheeks
her lips look dry and crackling stretched out
i pull it out slowly, a sucking sound pops
out of her mouth.

she says, “I’ve never done it before
is this right?”
“it’s okay,” i say
“but you need to go deeper

till your chin is against me,
till your nose is on my belly.”
she tries again, kind of stabbing it
into her mouth but not going deep

i want to drill her open with my big rod
i’m getting frustrated with this slut
i lift her off her knees
by my fistful of her long, black hair

i kiss her, she smiles at me:
“that was my first kiss.”.
beside my desk there
i pull her sweater off

i unhook her bra
it hangs off one pale shoulder
crooked.  she's got big
hips and nipples

i find her curvy
body is a fraud
i’m still holding her
by a fistful of her hair, staring

"i thought you had big tits?" I say.
"push-up bra. you like it?"
"no, i don’t. i like big tits."
she goes pale, she starts sobbing

hard sobs, wailing -- making a lot of noise
her arms cross over her small chest
her mouth opens in pain
her cheeks stain with tears

the back of her head bangs the wall
she slaps at my thigh, choking on cock
down into the small-titted
big push-up bra'd slut's throat.

i brutally drill into her throat
opening the hole, pushing cock
till balls hit chin
propelling her back

holding both ears now to subdue her
to hold her in her place
to get off in her mouth
cream dripping out, over her chin

and onto her small, slight, slim, stunted
tiny, minuscule, piddling, pygmy
non-existent, bantam, paltry, insular,
insignificant, whorette tits

i pull my massive meat out
a cylinder, a sewer pipe, a SAM
a tug boat, an airliner
i slap it’s big mushroom head

down on her cheekette
like an B-52 trying to land on a pebble:

when the door opens
the custodian walks in


  1. i have been with that kind of girl. what a sham!

  2. My girlfriend can deep throat my horse in no sweat. Singer on the stage and singer on the bed. Best performer I should say.

  3. No need to wear bra coz I will just take it off and suck your nipples and squeeze your big ass titties hard.


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