21 March 2010

Sexy Girl on Cover of Playboy

Sexy Girl in heißen Dessous
Sexy Girl in heißen Dessous,
originally uploaded by Susan-HH.

note: flickr removed all my photos without warning
she is so breasty and hot
she is so six pack and tight
she is so black and spicy
she is so curved and fuck you
she is so mine and fucked hard
from behind.

no photoshop and she's just another
dumb asian slut on her knees


  1. Asian is so fucking hot. Sexy body and nice color skin. Jaw dropping sexy bitch. Slap that big boobies and tit-fuck that big papaya.

  2. This asian hottie can rival the sexiness of cassia and the perversion of jinx. She is oozing wih sexuality and sensuality.

  3. I bet her pussy is clean and fully shaved. Asian sluts behave that way to please their masters.


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a great rack

a great rack
look how hot my slut's tits are!

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