30 March 2010

I took her on the stairs (edited)

I pushed her big naked breast
into cold steel rail
of the abandoned building,
the old art gallery.
some ancient korean
in the dark
us. a couple walked by
on the main road
in front of us:
the bitch's heels clicking
the man in a bland suit
the bitch dreaming of big cock
the man insecure of small dick
me in this slut's cunt
her head now between
rungs of the railing
me between strokes railing
her. hard, deep, with
balls of steel. kneel, bitch
i shoot ropes onto her hair
and nose and chin.
no tissue, i make her walk 
back to the car
with me all over her
don't wipe it off, i said
never, she said. we
pass the chic galleries
the bitch and man,
my slut looked
in the mirror in the car:
i'm pretty. i turn to her,
with cum on your face you are


  1. oh yes the girl who is the passer by is watching in envy as you engage in a fuckfest... Isnt that a bukkake? The girl said. Wishing she be part of the sex scene. She had enough of the small dick of her man. The dude on the other hand is wishing that he got those huge balls and big dick of yours. He is watching in envy as he can never imagined how gifted you are in terms of dick size. He watches in desperation. More so that you fuck your girl so good. You are the master, big dick plus great fucking skills. No one can beat that.

  2. sex_bitch_for_youApril 1, 2010 at 7:43 AM

    I want you to use me all the time. I want you to gag me with your big hard dick..i will choke sucking that big dick of yours.. i will get suffocated by that hard pole of yours as I continue to suck and blow you..oh yes gag me master..you can cum there in my mouth i am willing to take it all..i want a lot of protein from your sweet cum master..forever i am your desperate cum pig. I am no donut. I want you to face fuck me all the time.

  3. I will always give you the best blowjob in town that no cumslut can match. I want you stick that big and monster cock up my ass till you see a big gaping hole. Plow me. Move your dick up and down till you see a creamy fluid flowing up my gaping hole. I will not complain. I will worship you like a god willing to be gagged and stuffed with that big tool of yours master. Squirt a huge creamy cum up my ass.

  4. Hold on to the railing of that stairs. Suck my dick and bend over. Let me fuck you from behind and you will enjoy my horse dick while I'm fucking you hard. Grab your hair and yank it like I'm a cowboy on a rodeo.


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