16 March 2010

i want her out

of the bar

this one's there

drinking slowly.

i'm tending the bar,

avoiding her.

"walk the pig out?"


there's this stairway

with a half drawn

steel security shutter

"blow job?"

i lead her up the

dirty stairs

squeeze her fat;

the fat on her ass

and her belly

"you're a slut," i say,

it's the same tired routine

i whip it out

before she's even taken

her bag from her whore

shoulder -- there's cock

up her cavern, stretching

out her soul, gagging

the desperate whore, crying

"don't leave me!

don't go to her!"


i throw her head up

to the wall--

which is hard to do

with her stockings

and panties stretched

between her ankles, but

i do by knocking her back--

and face fuck her, brutalizing

her lipsticked trap

and burrowing her

face fucking hollow

but i can't cum

i think of the other one

maybe walking into the bar

maybe with another guy

and think of this one

lips around my cock

so easily

when she's not stalking

me, maybe she's shopping

for a new guy, window shopping

or knee deep in guys:

3 or 4 of them jerking on her tits

face, and ass cheeks--

what do i know?

"give me your asshole."

"if you come to me later I will."

"I won't. just make me cum."

i sit on a bench in the stairwell,

it's a waiting room for a restaurant

a small pizza joint on the 2nd floor

i pull her dress off her

so she's buck naked

i have all my clothes on

my pants are at my knees

my cock stands proud and hard


  1. She want that huge pole of yours Master. She is willing to do everything for that cock of yours. A full blown slut and a cock maniac who wants that monster dick to fuck her in any position.

  2. Plow that big dick in a stairwell. Its orgasmic sex in a stairwell is going to drive that bitch in the path of extreme eroticism. Make her a slave master. Gladly she will take everything in her mouth and arse.


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