16 March 2010

trying to break up

i backed her up
against the wall

pumped in and out
she slapped at my thigh

i want to do it again
but vowed to take a break
from her--
i cannot give in

i want to break from her,
lured by her nose in my belly
slapping my thigh
taking it deep;
i cannot give it.

she says she hates being
face fucked.

a week later she admitted:
"you face fucked me
in that pizze shop stairwell."

"i know, i won't do it anymore."

"i loved it," she said. "i will do anything
for you, my Master. she kneeled down.

here we go again


  1. oh master back me up against a solid wall.. shower me with kisses that can send electricity all over my virile body. Gag me and publicly shame me while you finger fuck me. No master, my pussy is no donut. So you can stick your fingers down there and thrust them to my pussy. As I scream for more. you put two fingers down my ass hole. And I scream for more. But many people are watching at us. You continued to finger fucked me while shouting my name as if I am the sluttiest pig in town.

  2. fill my vacuous rectum with your nice big tool master. make my tight ass hole loosen up with that big cock of yours. plow me from behind. push up my body against a big wall where you stick your monster cock up my ass hole.. i will scream both in pain and pleasure.. so love it.

  3. Push me up against a wall and finger me with those three fingers. Treat me like a sex pig. Treat like a whore with a big face. Gag me until you see tears drooling from my eyes. Stuff that big monster cock of yours in my throat until I gasp for air and get chocked.
    Do this while lots of people are watching us.
    Slap my big fat cheeks. Then I want you to spray your creamy jizz in my face while you utter cuss words to me. I will take them all in.

  4. Bitches wants you to fuck their pussy and ass Master. They want a taste of your cum . They want to feel your monster cock inside their wet pussy and make them squirt.Spread that butt cheeks and fuck their ass so hard.


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