24 March 2010

Advanced Anal Sex Position #1 | Once she has a stainless steel hook up her ass she'll do more or less whatever you want

remember i shoved your head in
the machine
burned the side of your head
it was so hot
plowed your asshole raw
made you scream
till your lungs got sore
smeared the taste of your ass
all over your tongue and face
owned you one more time

What's she going to do now? Argue with you?


  1. oh yah i never had it so good. i had the best anal sex courtesy of your big monstrous dick. I relish the orgasmic of feeling of being plowed by your long and thick dick as you pull my hair back. In between, you slap my big ass cheeks while continue to plow me from behind. My ass hole got sore for a while after it had taken a beating from you tool. Sooner, it had taken to love the ass fucking. That was Sunday morning ass fucking. Wish we can have an all-week ass fucking.

  2. My girlfriend says I am the anal destroyer because I fuck her ass so hard and it was her first time. She love it though and wants me to fuck her ass every time .


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a great rack
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