06 July 2010

Interview with MJ by Emme Hor

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Emme: What made you start writing about porn?

MJ: When I moved to Asia I was getting laid all the time. Sometimes I fucked three girls a day. And I don't mean any skanky girl, i mean some hot pieces of prime ass. There was this nasty part of me flowing out and women were eating it up. It was starting to take something out of me, so I wanted to get it into my writing before it would destroy me. I was sleeping with a few girls at once, having threesomes and foursomes, photographing a lot of sluts the first night I met them. I was living the life of a rock star. I said to my friends often that it's like I'm living in a hip-hop video in which the girls want to fuck me.

Emme: How old were you the first time you had sex?

MJ: Well, when I was 12 years old I got my first blowjob from my then girlfriend -- a cute Irish girl with baby fat. She didn't know what she was doing and neither did I. She held my cock in her hands and blew on it but that didn't feel especially good. I took advantage of her uncertainty and curiosity and lay her down and pumped away at her face. I rubbed cock over her lips, nose, eyes, in her hair, and then down into her throat. I was just trying to make it feel good. She choked and gagged and didn't know if this was standard practice.
I always loved cum on the face and made sure to jerk "the unmentionable liquid" (that's what she called it) into her eyes.

Later, years later, she told me this wasn't a normal start. I should have just watched her blow on it and been satisfied. That day I fucked her up the ass in our high school bathroom during American History class. That was my American History: girls are sluts and you can use them. To prove my thesis I pulled out of her ass, stuffed her mouth, and jizzed with her head smushed against the wall. This was before moving to Latin America and then Asia and finding progressively more slutty cultures and women.

Emme: What makes you stick your cock in a girl's ass?

MJ: If a girl has a nice ass it will just make its way there. My cock finds assholes and goes in. That's about it.

Emme: How old were you the first time you masturbated?

MJ: ha ha, about 4 years old.

Emme: How big is your dick?

(MJ takes it out) Wow, that's really a massive pole of meat. Can I suck on it for you?

Emme: mmmmmmmphhhh mphhhhhhhhh mphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wow, that was great. You shot so much cum. I need a shower or a swimming pool after this interview.

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