29 July 2010

a conversation about your wife

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kumonmywife: i want you to come fuck my wife.
face fucker: where?
kumonmywife: in her retail shop....right as she's closing up...come in the back door..take her into her back office.
face fucker: i come in the back and see her there with her designer blouse and skirt and heels. what a whore!  i grab her by the hair and yank her down to her knees, which she crumples into easily, and start to jam cock into her mouth. she sucks.
kumonmywife: yep...she's dressed like a slut...just to tease her customers....fucking cock-tease!! yeah....fuck that cunt's slutty little mouth
face fucker: i force her to gag on it, shoving it deep into her throat past her tonsils. now she's protesting, complaining -- banging my thigh.
kumonmywife: i can see her eyes tearing up
face fucker: it's not the cocksucking, that she didn't mind, it's the massive gagging like a hooker. i fuck her throat like a slut.
kumonmywife: fuck i think she's kinda liking it....what a pig!
face fucker: i pull out and slap her face with cock. i smear her makeup. then i hear a jingle a the front door and let her up. i show her my gun "help the customer but don't do anything stupid slut"
kumonmywife: mmmmmmmmm.....she cleans her smeared make-up....goes to the front....i can see how big your cock is, now
face fucker: a guy comes in and looks around at skirts for his wife. excuse me, ma'am. what size is this?
kumonmywife: i hear her voice shaking...
face fucker: your wife clears her throat, still stunned and now captive, and her make-up still obviously smeared although wiped away, says "that's a 4, about the same size as me. what size is the woman you're buying it for."
"she looks about the same size as you," he says.
"try it on for him," i call out and walk out into the main room.
the guy looks at me a bit perplexed but your wife knows that i mean business. she unzips her current skirt and drops it to the floor. she's wearing a g-string and her big ass cheeks hang out. the customer's mouth hangs open like he's about to be run over by a deer. she reaches her hand out and he gives her the skirt and his mouth closes. she tries to pull it up, but her ass it too big -- clearly she's bigger than a size four.
"you were giving him the wrong size, slut. make up for it by pulling it off along with that thong and showing him your cunt."
as told, your wife lets the skirt and skimpy panties fall to the floor and reaches back and spreads her cunt lips open with her fingers. i motion for him to go to town and he starts fucking her. i get in her face and again gag the fuck out of her throat. she makes this retching sound and moans. i see her in the mirror and decide to rip off her blouse. her big tits now hand down dumb. she wasn't even wearing a bra. i stretch her throat out and then pull out and beat her face with cock -- re-smearing her make-up. "Switch," I say. She turns around and starts to suck her cunt off of the customer's cock. "Spread it!" She spreads her cunt, i see the red. "Not that."
She spreads her ass cheeks and before you realize my cock is deep up your wife's ass, stretching her anal cavity wide with my massive rod. She reaches back and slaps at me, apparently in agonizing pleasure, as I rip open her asshole. The customer moans and coats your wife's face in cream. i pull out of her ass and make her eat her ass off my pole. She moans and sucks and licks it, the slut.

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  1. I bet she was moaning like crazy while you fucking her wet pussy. Hard fucked her like it was the last.


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