20 February 2012

Working Out | A Dirty Fantasy by Moctezuma Johnson

i am working out
at a home gym
now that i have a baby

i need a Swiss ball
an EZ curl bar
and some heavier dumbbells

having a bitch like her
wouldn't hurt

"one more set of sit-ups,"
she'd say
"and you can do a few reps
up my oiled up ass
till I curse god and satan
for giving you such a big dick."

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  1. I will stay inside the house all the time to do my workout if I have a bitch like her beside me while working out.Make her suck my dick while doing my push-ups.Grind on my hard dick while I'm laying down lifting weights.

  2. is that the she works out in a gym? totally naked and bare? im sure lots of big dick guys working out as well are salivating at the big arse of this slutty girl.

    1. I will go to the gym if there's a slut like this working out naked and looking all slutty. I will go to the gym not to work out but just to watch this cunt and jerk off while watching her.

    2. Lots of guys oil up and savagely devour her ass


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