08 February 2012

the Anal Queen

What a total fucking anal queen
look at that hot ass
that fucking whore

wants cock up the ass
then smacking her whore face
who cares that she's an ugly bitch

she has an open rectum
waiting for the Master
to unfurl his cock
and stuff her aperture
like the Nozomi
train through the hillside
full speed ahead

i moor her to the chair
or else she will runaway
turned into a helpless polynya
she is all ice and hard nipples
with a vast open hold
like an ocean
for my Omaha steak to sodomize


  1. Nice skin color bitch. I want that ass. Fuck her hard and make her moan like crazy. Fuck her mouth and cum inside while choking her.

  2. I would like to be skewered and barbecued in a bonfire setting where razed woods warm my hot body as it is being fucked by a gigantor cock. As the fire scintillates the place, I shall groan in deep ecstasy yearning for more hard core fucking.

  3. she likes to be piss on, shit on. Any guy with a big dick can spit roast her as she spread her rectum so wide that even three dicks can barbecue her at the same time. she has a clean pussy. even dildos can be stuff in it while fucking continues from behind.

  4. Piss on my MouthJune 30, 2012 at 8:26 AM

    An anal creampie addict that she, she spreads her arse wide enough. The big dick guy plow himself inside the arse as she put the bitch upside down with her head down the floor. He slid the weener back and forth. As he squirt his jizz, he creampie her arse. More jizz for her.


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