21 December 2011

Do you wanna be around this?

MJ: you didn't leave any baby food!
you didn't even say anything -- arghhhhhhhhhhh
is it cold out?
Jynx: thought it would be enough for one more round. it's not?
ok. sorry. i should have said it's low. but there's nothing i could do last night or this morning.
MJ: not at all!
Jynx: ok. stop yelling
MJ: you could have told me!
i'm not yelling
it just messed up our routine of bottle then sleep around now
i'll feed him with a spoon, no big deal
Jynx: i honestly forgot to tell you.
don't think i'm intentionally messing up
it's freezing out.
MJ: is it? so i won't take him out?
Jynx: you can use the garage and go to emart
i feel like somebody should have told me yesterday though
MJ: huh?
Jynx: and i really had no choice but to only tell you it's low. and i forgot to tell you.
so please would you stop criticizing me and make this whole thing my fault?
MJ: i didn't
i'm just saying
who do you want me to talk to?
Jynx: not talk to
MJ: i should have noticed and told you
Jynx: recently all you tell me is negative
will you please balance it out with some more positive comments?
MJ: ok
Jynx: i don't know what's wrong with me but i'm being quite forgetful.
MJ: it's okay, you have big tits
Jynx: did you see the presents wrapped under the tree and your shoes done with the shoelaces?
MJ: i have always wanted a forgetful girl with a big ass and tits
yes, i saw the presents (except one)
and the shoes
thanks you
Jynx: so that you can yell at me and treat me like a dumb slut? asshole
Sent at 10:55 AM on Thursday
Jynx: i'm feeling lonely and hurt because of you. i don't need this. do you wanna be around this?
goodbye. take care.

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