19 December 2011

Delusional Remix

i know it but i think these fucking girls, well,
okay, i'm a delusional fuck up
i want to take you to the park

seriously till something is wrong
with her uterus because
 i yelled at one slut for dropping the baby.
yes, you kneel, suck it, eat the cum, and then get up,
 brush yourself off and walk away

serious? she's seriously going to kill herself,
not just put a bloodbath on the wall,
of course
without saying anything?
decide, for example, okay today is threat day
and then one is saying this time she's really going to do it,
she's seriously going to
that it's not something
10 minutes? bastard and murder herself,
not just put a bloodbath on the wall,
and the other one is saying i better cum soon
cause her ass hurts and it's cold outside


  1. oh yes i want you to gag me with your big hard dick..i will choke sucking that big dick of yours.. i will get suffocated by that hard pole of yours as I continue to suck and blow you..oh yes gag me master..you can cum there in my mouth i am willing to take it all..i want a lot of protein from your sweet cum master..forever i am your desperate cum pig and a slave pig willing to do all.

  2. this delusional moron gets down on her knees before you do -- you're just standing there -- and starts to suck me off deep and hard, like she was dying to get gagged and stuffed down her throat. The master haven't cum yet all day and she's drooling and slurping and making that wretching sound that you deepthroat sluts make. Her big tits are shaking and I peer over her head and see her ass cheeks bouncing and unload my load onto her face.

  3. hey master, i miss you a lot.. i miss your nice sweet cum..that hot load of jizz oozing from your dickhead i want to lick and suck it till it dissipates up. i want to devour every drop of that hot load of jizz of yours..im so hungry for your cum..quench my thirst master...shoot that hot load on my mouth...piss me on my face.. i will not close my eyes on that hot warm piss.. oh yes i adore it.. i am desperate sex whore willing to take all that piss..use me master as i am a slave desperate pig of urs.

  4. What a freaking psycho bitch. What a fucking nasty stupid whore who is so addicted to cock and will do every thing just to have some tube steak to fuck her.


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