17 December 2011


Jiwon, that sky-high giraffe
Jiwon, that big-assed teacher
in glasses and dresses

Jiwon, the coffee guzzler
Jiwon, the big-assed hustler
got scared that i get too much pussy

on all fours on the couch
in the glorious apartment
she was house-sitting

with windows looking out
over Itaewon, Seoul
a crisp, snowy day

a smooth, suave ass
spread open: slit and asshole
problematic to convince her

to give up the asshole
that towering beast
waiting doggy-style

for my mythical penis
afraid I may give her a disease


  1. Is Jiwon your new cum pig or sexual flavor of the day? Is she worth her salt who is willing to give her hot wet pussy to your dripping tonque? Does she spread her asscheeks wide enough so that your massive dick can get in?

  2. Is she a Korean pig? Is she better than the thai hooker who easily gives her big boobs for a nice boob fuck? She should be superior in giving pleasure the the master of erotica. does she lick every drop of your hot jizz?

  3. I am a jizz love and I devour every drop of creamy jizz of a master fucker with the biggest dick and so far it is the dick of Moctezuma which satisfy me the most. Oh I missed being fuck multiple times by him. When can I savor again that jizz of him?

  4. Is she Jiwon the car fuck hustler? Hmmm, she seems one hot slutty bitch who does not mind being fucked in a public place inside a car. She seems to enjoy every fuckfest.

  5. Oh yes master feed that slutty Jiwon with your hot creamy jizz. She loves every drop of that creamy cum. She craves for more

  6. Is her assfucking skills worthy to be called a Moctezuma's slut pig? Is she a certified cumdump moron who takes every jizz a Master can shoot? This slutty girl loves and worships your massive cock.

  7. Jiwon is Master's Kimchi pussy slut. He fucked that bitch with his monster cock so hard that she can't even stand and walk. Master gave her swollen pussy and butt hole but she likes it and wants more.


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