13 January 2011

chasing and retreating

it is this kind of girl
that i'll chase.

she's tall
got that pretty

exotic look
like her eyes

are withholding dossiers
of top secret files.

her smooth skin
delicate like it shouldn't be handled

counters wasabi eyes
and seaweed cunt.

i'll come at her
all cock and confidence

she'll retreat
not used to a sexual

tyrannosaurus rex
like Moctezuma.

she'll give in and end up
being ordered to eat

her ass off my cock.
i will lose any respect for her

and ditch her.
then she'll chase me

and i'll retreat.


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  2. She loves fucking outdoors while eyes ogled at the. She wants raw and wild. She want to feel a big dick up inside her arse in its pure flesh so she gets tickle by its deep veins.She relish bare fucking at its best. She likes to be fucked from behind raw. Fuck her arse raw.


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