13 January 2011

A photo of my Ex-Wife

photo of ex-wife
i found a photo of my ex-wife
that Latina whore
with the belly 
looking like George Foreman pounding the heavy bag

in Zaire. 
look at this photo, 
a wave of relief comes over me
every morning i'd wake her up
that annoying piece of shit
slam cock
down her throat 
hold her in place 
till the gag mpppph spits out
till she tears up 
till she tries to wobble out of the 
juggernaut, the cockernaut,
it's futile, pig, you are alone 
image of ex-wife from old floppy disk
marked "pig"
from an obsolete camera 
this bitch withstanding dents in the leather punch bag
she's my zahir and i'm focusing
every morning she takes the same beating
jam in a floppy
take 8 to 10  shots brutally. i'm sick of her,
my aggression lands square on her palatine tonsils
like young George
her body is my hotel in a foreign land
her head is my gym
her mouth is my boxing ring
her throat is my opponent
in the red corner
head backed against the wall
ears in my hands, hair wrapped over a clenched fist
she drools and the tears drip down her face now
she submits, finally, and her throat opens 
like a flower getting pollinated
or a building imploding
by dynamite taped to load bearing columns 
i'm balls deep now, puta,
i'm a wrecking ball demolishing your inner worth
cry, puta, cry
you're going down for the count
palate, epiglottis, trachea. i'm
the heavyweight champion of her throat
i must be the greatest!

"why do you treat me like this, not like your wife?"
"Cause you're a fat, ugly, useless pig."

looking at this photo now, i see i was always right


  1. You got voluptous ex-wife Master.Nice pair of papaya.

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