14 October 2010

a quick walk upstairs

she was there last night
titties out

she's so hot
and pure sex

kissing me on the steps

i plan to push my dick
in her mouth

she pushes me away:
"let's go back to the party."


  1. sometimes i need to be treated like a queen cause i'm actually a big fucking whore.

  2. the best part of the bar where i work is the bench upstairs on the second floor. i've already given sex, a face-fucking, and an ass fucking up there. Plus one big titty'd whore let me fuck her tits.

    1. Being a bartender has certainly had certain advantages

  3. What a fucking tease bitch. I will never let her stop me. I will fuck her as hard as I want, Tit-fuck that bitch .


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a great rack
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