19 October 2010

Inverted Nipples | The adventure of peeling off a bra

i had a girl
who didn't have
her nipples

she didn't have
her nipples pulled on
as a child

and they faced inwards
like philosophers

another girl years later
had the same problem

what's the chances of finding two
deep thinkers?

The first one was mad cause my best friend dissed her so she told me in the bar that she wanted to have revenge sex. She had massive tits with nipples going backwards. She said I should smack her around, then eat her pussy, and then fuck her rough, but that I couldn't have her ass. Then I smacked her around, ate her pussy, and fucked her rough in the cunt and ass.

She came over again the following night. Same routine.

The next one with inverted nipples was a lanky model. She was so pretty that I called her "Ugly Whore" non-stop and and fucked her ass daily.

ass is the new hello
with supermodel sluts
with lanky nipples
that face inward
like subway tunnels
and poets
or right eyes of transcendentalists

I'm waiting for the next set of tits with such nipples. Every time I peel off a bra it's an adventure.


  1. master, you can pull on my nips whenever you desire pulling. you can clamp them, smack, bite, push them. i don't mind whatever you do to my body. forget those bithes with inverted nipples and play with mine. cover them with your juicy cream.

  2. I will suck the shit out of that inverted nipples till it pop out of that bobbies.

  3. Every nipple wants to be mashed like a potato by a huge wet hand. That gets every woman electrifying throughout her frail sexuality.


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