19 September 2010

Office Annie

office girl Annie had a man 
when she started in the cubicle
besides mine.

she got a bukkake on the roof
face below all our cocks
after her ass was spread and

wonder what she's doing now?


  1. i want to be the trash bag for all the cum from your and your friend's cocks. i am jealous of this office annie whore. i don't care where she is. i will take her place. cream me.

    1. Master will fuck you more than annie. Don't be jealous coz Master can take all you bitches. Fuck each and every one of you with his monster cock.

  2. i will always cream you, trash-pig, but i need to jerk my cock onto other whore faces. you know that, slave. watch me fuck her ass and humiliate her by having my colleagues jizz all over her. watch how she calls her boyfriend after and asks if he ate lunch and all that other small talk niceness. watch how she's still wiping cum off her chin as she says, "i love you," to him.

  3. Every office has a whore. Whore who wants to fuck every guy in the office and act like nothing happen. What a smooth slut. Calling her boyfriend while cock is inside her wet pussy and ass. What a cunt.


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