14 September 2010

cuckold chat

she started something like this
My girl works at an office and is a very respectable worker for most of the time. Listen to the story she told me by chat. 

i was getting my ass fucked by my boss today
Cuckold: what, honey?
Dirty-Pig: he dragged me to the rooftop
11:53 AM and shoved me in the corner
Cuckold: good
Dirty-Pig: i was resisting but he was so strong
  he's got a big muscular body
11:54 AM and he smelled nice
Cuckold: ? ha ha
11:55 AMDirty-Pig: i liked his smell so i let him hold me facing my back
  he ordered to bend over
  lift my skirt
Cuckold: you let him hold you?
11:56 AMDirty-Pig: yes, he grabbed my big tits
  from behind
11:57 AMCuckold: didn't you resist, baby?
Dirty-Pig: i stopped
  i became submissive

Cuckold: why?
Dirty-Pig: cuz he seemed to have a big cock
11:58 AM i like big cocks, you know that
  and you can imagine how ridiculously was i getting wet
11:59 AM my nipples were getting hard from the excitement of getting a strange new cock
Cuckold: ohhhhhhhhhhh
  you're such a dirty fuck pig
Dirty-Pig: and i loved his smell
  that's exactly how i acted like
  a durty fuck pig
12:00 PMCuckold: so he held your tits?
Dirty-Pig: yes
Cuckold: then what?
Dirty-Pig: i thought he was gonna rip my tits off
Cuckold: why?
Dirty-Pig: grabbed them too hard
  i screamed, then he told me to bend over
12:01 PMCuckold: did you run away?
Dirty-Pig: when i bent over, he told me to lift my skirt
Cuckold: what?
12:02 PMDirty-Pig: when i lifted my skirt, he told me to pull my underwear down
  so, i did
  oh, how much was i trembling with fear and lust
  i coudn't run away
12:03 PM i was so scared like a little kitten up a tree
  had no choice but to listen to the man saying
Cuckold: oh my god, stop
12:04 PMDirty-Pig: and take his order like a very submissive korean slut
  i won't stop
  i have to tell you about everything
  i will confess
  is that okay?
Cuckold: i am so jealous
Dirty-Pig: but you're the only one i love you
  you have to listen
12:05 PM i was just letting him use me
  he used me like a durty monster
  i can never love him like i do to you
  he was so brutal
12:06 PM when i pulled down my underwear, he said it out loud,
  "you fucking whore, look at your cunt all wet and drooling. ha ha"
12:07 PM "you like it this way?"
Cuckold: oh god
Dirty-Pig: he told me to spread my ass cheeks
12:08 PM i was so ashamed of myself
  when i opened my ass, it felt like my cum was just pouring out
12:09 PM i felt like crying all of a sudden
12:10 PM because it reminded me of somebody else used me like that
12:11 PMCuckold: who?
Dirty-Pig: it gave me a strong urge to suck my boss's cock immediately
  i had to put away my embarrassing ass and cunt
  he let me suck his huge dick for a while
12:12 PM actually, he started facefucking me
  he didn't let me suck, he fucked my face
  really hard
12:13 PM i was then covered with sweat and tears and my gag
  he pulled my hair and it hurt me so much
12:14 PM pushed me against the wall, so i couldn't move
  i was stuck
Cuckold: mmmmmn
Dirty-Pig: how did he face fuck me, you think?
  do you think he's better than you?
Cuckold: hard and deep, showing no mercy
Dirty-Pig: exactly
Cuckold: no, i am the best
Dirty-Pig: honey, i'm sorry but
  i don't think so
12:15 PMCuckold: what? why?
Dirty-Pig: he was better than you
  he fucked my face better than you
Cuckold: how?
Dirty-Pig: he was more brutal
12:16 PMCuckold: really?
  and you liked it
12:18 PMDirty-Pig: i liked it
12:19 PM he made my throat open up wide and swallow all of his massive rod
Cuckold: oh yeah!
  after fucking your cunt or your ass?
Dirty-Pig: he was moving so fast
12:20 PM then he suddenly stopped
  and quickly shoved it in my ass
  very deep
  just penetrated my ass
  i screamed in pain
  people were gathering around us
12:21 PM they all saw me getting ass fucked by my boss
  i was bottomless
  his massive pole pumping my ass hole
  i was on all fours
  screaming in pleasure
12:22 PM he just destroyed me
Cuckold: if you're happy i'm happy for you
Dirty-Pig: i was so happy baby
  even though i was bleeding and there was smell of my poop all around
12:23 PM people were teasing and cheering
  calling me whore, slut, slave
  they started pulling their cocks
  coming up to me
12:24 PM my boss threw me on the ground
one by one they shot loads and loads of cum on me. laughing and cheering. they emptied their balls on me and then they pissed on me to finish it all up. I rubbed my tits together and stuck out my tongue. My boss was the final one to piss on me. he told me get up and go back to your cubicle.
i'm sitting here now with piss and cum on me. come here and lick it all off of me. 


  1. Replies
    1. This bitch likes chocolate so much. Three chocolate color dick,massive and ready to dig her wet pussy and fuck her ass while slapping her face with their dick.

  2. Erotic story.Awesome. Let's gang bang them bitches and make them eat our load. Wasting a drop is not allowed. Fuck them bitches and make them swallow our cum. Bukake bitches.

  3. wow i really had fun reading the entire erotic story. you really have a gift for nice and interesting writing. can you write more of this here?


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