16 September 2010

need more sex

she doesn't want to give me dirty chat
no anal
she's pregnant
stopped smoking
doesn't drink anymore
wants to get married
wants to have a ceremony
wants a new apartment

i still just want deep throat
hard anal
but i can't be that way anymore

other girls are all over me
willing to suck cock
gag, drool, eat ass

what should i do?


  1. They say pregnant pussy is good because it's tight and always wet. Is that true Master?

  2. My pussy is cleanly shaved and its tight. I am not surprised the master loves it very much.

  3. so what if she is pregnant? she still needs to be spitroasted by a big dick like that of the masters.

    1. You are damn right . It don't matter if she's pregnant. She still gets horny once in a while and wants dick. That's human nature.


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a great rack
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