19 May 2015

Sweet Asian Girl in the Park

the monster took the gook bitch
between the graffiti'd walls
pushed her naked breast
out the slutty side of her tank top
where it always wanted to slide
even when the cunt was dressing
covering herself
an abandoned building
the old art gallery
on one side with some sculpture 
the insane asylum
on the other side
like a person watching
us, and stroking himself
in public
the bitch's heels clicking
on the asphalt
her bare thighs
big and Asian
"you're a big gook,"
says the man stroking
"she is," says the man
stuffing this slut's cunt
her head now between
rungs of a ladder
leading to the roof
of the asylum
her hard Brillo bush hair
her thick pear-like ass-cheeks
"and she eats cum.
Come here!"
He shot ropes onto her hair
and nose and chin
while i deposited my shot
up into her dirty slit

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