25 February 2015

Let us crawl the sewers then, you and I - A reaction by a proven porn aficionado, anti-anti-terrorist, err pacifist, anti-double speak, anti-dual-state, erotica writer, financial guru, and educator (FYI one of my posts once got over 13,000 in a few days - chew on that)

Well, it's sad news from the folks at Google. 

This blog will meet its maker in less than a month. Don't be too distraught. I had the foresight to see this day coming and have moved my operation to a private site with all the cocksucking, assfucking, skullfucking a dirty, twisted, fucked up member of society like yourself can stand, stomach, and take.

Join me at moctezumajohnson.com

Little by little I'll archive some of this crazy shit at that new site. It's been a blast serving you dirty fuckers. I've done quite a bit of research on censorship recently and unearthed that contrary to what the "canon" will have you believe, many great artists were dirty, depraved motherfuckers powered by their cunts, dicks, assholes, and tongues.

Some moron on twitter today told me to calm down that this isn't a big deal, that google doesn't have a big hand in the Internet and in the way we get to see information. He's probably a christian who believes in WMDs in Iraq and the toothfairy too. Moron -- part of the legion of meatheads that chased a fake terrorist network for so long a real one sprung up in the great irony of double jeopardy that is the Bush/Obama America.

This impending google censorship will change all the rankings, all the links. We are nothing better than the way we get information. We have already taken major intelligence set backs thanks to smart phones, FOX news, and the American Dual State War Machine. Now we will suffer one more defeat. There were literary poems about facefucking, artwork of sodomy, and these debased offerings were not from some two bit outliers. These were people you've been taught about, but you weren't taught that. Dali, Miro, the Latin Poets, they were all dabbling in erotica throughout the ages.

Now again society will try to bottle up freedom of speech, and again it will turn underground and get more sublime, more beautiful, and one hundred times more powerful while these do-gooders lay anesthetized in front of FOX news like a patient etherized upon the table.

Come, those of you with brains and libido, and take my hand. Let us crawl the sewers then, you and I!

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