06 July 2011

Drunk Sluts

two hours after closing
we were there playing 5-9
pool for money.
there were these two girls
that tramped into the bar
all slushy and chunky
late at night
drinking tequila shots
with two dorky dudes
who wanted to play
but not for money.

at some point,
while speaking
in Korean, one
drunk lassie
spoke bullshit
i don't know
a lot
but i know
hers sucked--
and i told them
to leave, we are
way past closing:
cash or credit.

walking home
after losing
i saw them on
the street
and got this
huge urge
to grab one
in the alley
by my house
and do her so hard
that her flab shakes
and her hair band
comes loose
as her pussy lips


  1. just grab her and make her your slut, MJ. She is lucky to get a taste of your monster cock.

  2. thanks, emme. you think anyone who gets a taste of my cock is lucky. i think anyone who gets a taste of your pussy is lucky. we are both lucky mofos!!

  3. Drunk slut will fuck you like crazy. She will do whatever you want on bed. Crazy sex is what she wants.

  4. nice bush of arse. any big dick guy is willing to hop in to that arse. the master would be willing to plow her from behind.


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