15 July 2011


we're in the bar
well, i'm behind it
and she says
she wants to suck my cock

i say, come here and suck
it, then.

she says she will
if i light her cigarette

i press the lever
the flame rises up.

she takes a puff
and says, she loves
the public eye.


  1. I love to puff cigar while you stuff your monster cock to my pussy. The smell of the smoke and the big thrust of your big cock is making me crazy. I so love it. I am obsessed with that big cock of yours. Plow me master. I can give you the best blowjobs and I want to do it in a bar where people can jeer and cheer for us while I give you the best head in town. I am sure men would be envious as I suck your nice cock. Women too woudl be envious as they always want to trade places with me.

  2. smoking and fucking always give me a different sensation. fuck me hard master as I lit my favorite smoke. would you also smoke as you thrust that big cock of yours in my pussy? would you puff a cigar as you stuff that big monster cock of yours in my ass? lets both smoke and fuck hard.

  3. hey master, im always your best cumslut and i will make sure that i will let you shoot your load first. you know that im your cum pig. and i will make sure that your jizz goes straight to my mouth. can ass slut Amanda do that? is she a cum eater as well? you can plug in all dildos in my pussy and i wont mind a bit. of course it would be better if a real dick like yours would be in there.

  4. I will light your cigarette while you sucking my dick. Let me sit on the counter and let them watch you sucking my cock.


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