07 June 2011

sexy girl posed in the doorway

what attracts me to anything?
why do i want to make my ex-wife
take my cock up her ass
years later?
why do i want my gf
to suck another dick
why do i want to fuck
the sexy girl
posed in the doorway
trying to break up
with me


  1. Just fuck them and don't ever ask why.You want to fuck them because they have tight fucking pussy and nice bubble ass.

  2. Moctezuma's Cum PigJanuary 25, 2012 at 7:47 AM

    I still wanted to see the words "cumpig" written on her big tits. Next time. I can see that she loves spreading her holes open for the master and is dying for his big cock. Good girl. Now tell me that she wants to be gagged and be choked sucking the big cock.

    1. I will write "cumpig" on her big tits and then fuck her while filming her so you can see it

    2. Video that bitch . Let me see how you make her scream for more. I want to see how much pleasure that bitch can get from your monster cock.

  3. "Ji Hyun Cum Bunny"January 25, 2012 at 7:49 AM

    Let's have the both of you on your hands and knees with assplugs up your asses and dildos in your cunts and then have a suck off where you both have to make me cum as fast as you can. We'll have a timer. Whichever cumslut makes me shoot my load first gets one point. Then to the asses. Whoever's ass makes me cum first wins another point. Then finally after using your mouths to clean up my thick cock, it goes into your pussy for the final point.

  4. I can twirl my nice tonque and lick your monster cock. I love that. Can I come over your house so you can gag me forever? I want to take that big load of your hot jizz. I want it the creamiest way. Can you do that for me master? My tonque is ready to lick your nice balls. I know you would like to have that.


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