29 June 2011

Don't Wanna Be Those Other Sluts, Baby!

I was fucking her 
ass up the couch 
where we were leaning back
to watch some very boring movie 
about Kansas in the 70s
until I got my hands on her big
Asian tits
and pulled her nipples hard
soon I had her back on the cushion
ass in the air 
and was plowing her dark hole
having a grand time
until she started speaking.

"I dont want you to make me like your other girls,"
she said after pulling her hips back
and making my cockhead
drop out of her very tight asshole.
"You're very special baby, whatever
you want."

Then,  her head already hanging 
leaning off the couch like coffee beans
from a branch
I took her throat
inserting my cock 
into her sweet Asian mouth
making her taste her ass.

She looked me in the eye hard, a scowl.
"The others don't go ass to mouth, do they?"


You choose the ending

1. "No, they don't baby."                 2. "They'll go A2M, pig!" 

Please Vote Below in the Comments to tell me how to finish this piece. Thank you! 


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(c) 2014 by Moctezuma Johnson


  1. She don't want your monster cock to fuck other slut . She wants that monster cock of yours all by herself.

  2. #2 all the way -- they all do that A2M

  3. everyone just be to dirty sluts for MJ

  4. to be jizzed over by MJs cum is heaven

  5. A slut is not a real slut unless spitroasted by MJ

  6. A slut's ultimate dream is to be fucked and shamed in public.


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