02 May 2011

meeting in the bathroom

"am i in the wrong bathroom?"
Ji-eun is right there, her maid's uniform
unzipped down the middle
i reach in and grab a full C cup breast.
"Don't touch me," she says.
"Is this the ladies?"
"No," she motions to the urinal.
She walks over with me and grabs
my ass, she tickles my balls
while i pee. "I'm going now!"
"Can I see you?"
"Can you follow me?"
"Of course."
"You shouldn't."
"Do you have a gag reflex?"
"Then I should."


  1. I want that bitch to show me where's the bathroom is.She can suck my big cock and let me pee inside her fucking mouth while playing with my nuts.

  2. I still prefer to be fucked by the master in a stairwell.

  3. Any place will do for as long as the master feeds me with a glass full of splooge.


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