19 February 2011

signing infidelity agreements

you know my girlfriend
is a piece of shit

you know because she's
always angry, a time bomb
that explodes over and over
again, yet
no matter how angry
or, because of how angry,
she'll act more and more depraved

they say money talks
but so does cock
and pussy screams
no more angry bjs
and trashing each other


she came over at 6:30 am
after I'd closed the bar
a downed a few bottles of beer

I was fast asleep
had to use a fire extinguisher
after emptying the ashtrays

had to use soap to my elbow
after cleaning up a bag of puke
left in a bag

she's upset I'm tired
accuses me of fucking another jenny
all night

this is perfect for you, she says,
I make you mad and you call

and you fuck her ass
and you make her eat it
and you make her drip
your cream
out her ass
your cream
into her hand
from her asshole
then into her mouth
your cream

cause i made you mad

i give you an excuse to use her.
look at you, so happy

she bangs her head into the wall
reaches for a knife
from under the sink

i grab her wrist,
get to work
or you'll be late

she walks out
and to the elevator

then she looks back
at me
at my raging hard on

she walks back, drops
her bags to the floor

don't make the floor dirty,
kneel at the front door!
she swallows my mad penis
i watch the elevator
her bags on the ground

she inhales it deep.
look up at me, whore
she makes eye contact
that's it
that's how you suck a cock
you wanna eat jizz?
she nods while deepthroating
i will fill you with cream
just like i do to her

she makes a wretching sound
i hold her cheeks
i hold her forehead
i tilt her further back
watch her bottom lip hit my balls

she makes more wretching sound
oh yeah, the pig's about to eat jizz

i unload all my frustrations, my wit's end
into her mouth, she swallows it
each swallow milking my cock further
each swallow a plea, a cry for help
a petition asking me not to seek another ass
another mouth, another cunt
to use
i object:
my cream alleges it's innocence
in the matter, so clean and white,
my cream paints her with it's okay
if i pound cunts every night
before getting to you
i pump every last drop of
request for infidelity into her belly
pull cock out slowly, again
she signs that pleading document
with that sound, that mmmmphhhhh

runs in the house, to the bathroom sink
and pukes

she comes back to the hallway:
she crawls out of the house
i watch her through the peep-hole,
she stands up, smooths out, and
waits for the elevator

i make sure the whore gets in
and goes down


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