23 February 2011

My Banker | another reason i fly business class | #milehighclub #whorebank #asian

i love how they fawn over
the guys
up there

it's like picking up the teller
who handles my business accounts;
she knows i have money
shiny suits, knows
i'm starting a bar
with girls all around me
knows i've sweet-talked
the tax office
persuaded immigration
seduced the municipal clerks
and wants to kneel
and imbibe my creamy charm

she had a hat askew
was syrupy sweet
drank over ten sicilian kisses
before pulling her tits out

"do you want to make a deposit?"


  1. What a pimp. It feels great to have lots of girls around while drinking and getting drunk at the bar. Doing lap dance and ledge dancing for you and treat you like a king.

  2. Master is a one sweet talker who can make all them bitches do what he wants. He got the skills that slut will go crazy for. He got a thing that will make them whore wanna fuck him non-stop. A massive cock.


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