11 April 2010

Break-up to Make-up to Threesome | How to Humiliate your Girlfriend

"blowjob?" i motion up to the nearby stairwell.
"no." jynx looks down.
i touch her neck tenderly: "can't i convince you?"
"i can't convince you to come back to me."
she swings her big sodomite ass
side to side like a sinewy pendulum
that keeps time of sex and orgasm
says time's up for you and the other slut
come to me now

hours later, i get a message:
i shouldn't have left your cock
like that.

minutes after the message,
i shove her head down
step forward over her
and breach her throat

hours later, i get a message:
my jaw hurts, Master.

minutes after that:
my thumb hurts from responding to your bullshit messages
i'm sorry, Master, she writes
i'll come over and suck it for you
my thumb or my cock?
both, of course
you can come over and suck my thumb
while Jenny keeps sucking my cock

minutes later, i pulled my thumb from jenny
and stuffed it into jynx's mouth


  1. her jaw hurts because of blowing you but im sure she is enjoying it to hilt. Every sex bitch is always delightful to be sucking and licking your big dick. I can twirl my tonque around your nice balls and jack it off as I suck it too. I will make sure your dick will be as strong as a solid pole. Squirt your hot jizz all over my mouth. I will take it all in. I am thirsty for your creamy jizz. Shoot me a glass full of your cum.

  2. that sex pig must have loved being sodomized by your big huge dick. I am sure she takes pleasure in taking your dick and twirling her tonque in your dickhead until your pre cum slowly oozes out. I am sure she tastes it so good that jizz of yours.

  3. I am sure the jaw of the sex pig really hurts just by blowing you. The thickness and sheer size of your dick can send someone else's mouth to muscle sore. I am sure the jaw hurts. Despite though, the pig feels deeply gratified from the sexual gratification she got from giving you head. And she always crave for the creamy jizz that you shoot in her mouth.

  4. gagged_me_sex_pigApril 15, 2010 at 8:19 AM

    I miss your big dick stuffed around my big mouth. I will spread my cunt on your face and I want you to lick over it.. Ohhh I love it master...then I will spread my ass cheecks for you.. I will stick a dildo into.. Then I will let you ass fuck me...By this time you were so erect and moaning so loud as I am screaming for more. spray with that hot creamy jizz of yours and i will swallow everything.Gag me with that nice load of jizz,master.

  5. slutty_filthy_girlApril 16, 2010 at 4:54 AM

    I so miss your big cock stuffed in my big mouth. I want you to etch in my big ass cheeks " sodomize me ". I want you to have a dirty sex with me. I cant wait that you stuff that big dick of yours in my throat until such time I get choked by it. I am sure I will get choked by your dick. Gag me with it as well master as you pull my hair back. I know its going to be painful but its the pain I want for as long as its from you. Please and Pain combined all courtesy of your big moner dick.

  6. i love to give you the best head in town. I will always twirl my tonque around your big dickhead and lick underneath your balls till you tickles. I will make it wet all over with my tonque. How i love your dick so much? I tasted other dicks but yours taste like no other. And size of your dick especially its thickness is so big that i am always overwhelmed everything you stuff it in my big mouth.

  7. im sure her jaw hurts when she takes your hard cock in full. your cock is big that it going to hurt one's jaw ones the bitch stuff that big dick up her mouth. despite the pain and hurt, the sex pig is enjoying the pleasure out of the blow job she gives MJ. Its always a pleasure and honor to be stuffed by that big dick of MJ up the pig's mouth.

  8. Pointy nipples. I will tie that whore and dick slap her hanging titties.Choke her with my horse dick and gag that bitch.


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