02 April 2010

Sluts Needed!!

Send your nasty, hardcore photos and/or drawings to moctezuma.johnson@gmail.com
full credit or anonymity will be given, of course


  1. i am very aware that I have an asshole
    he loves to

    know you've got one toothpaste it,
    as it were, lah
    make it hurt, ya

    you winking and blinking at the semen
    who and just flown in from Senegal you
    don't fool yourself, boy, you
    want to go right up my asshole

    and so you stick semen in there
    kissed my little sailor
    you always love
    right into pleasure principle
    you sniffed the reeking
    well-shaped and sculpted buns
    and acted like it was potpourri

  2. I have a nice tight ass hole waiting to be sodolized by your big dick. I want you to plow me as if there is no tomorrow while you pull my hair back and do trash talk. Bitch me around. Use me all the time. Treat me like a filthy pig slave. I dont mind. I will always relish the idea that I can be the best fuck pig you can ever have.

  3. Prepare,get ready.Give way for my big dicky. Shove it to your ass and u will be sodomize.


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