04 February 2010

you asked for a love letter

a love letter
is folded in my
back pocket

it says: your hair
is silk, and your
eyes are irises on
a warm spring day

your lips are sheets
wrapped around
my sleeping body.

the letter stays folded
in my jeans back pocket,
which are at my ankles
while i thrust my cock

so deep into your mouth
that i cum into your throat


  1. MJ's girlfriendFebruary 4, 2010 at 6:35 PM

    A love letter folded and hidden in your back pocket! Totally makes sense. You are so good at letting yourself out, but I know that deep inside you are shy and loyal. MJ, my guardian angel, your pure and faithful heart knocks on me, knocks down my warm, deep throat.

  2. My master, can you write a love letter on my ass. With my big and wide ass cheeks, I am sure you can compose a nice and erotic love letter for me there. I want it tatooed so I am assured that I am forever your sex pig. You can stuff your hard and nice dick while you do the love letter for me. I love it master. No one else can do better than you.

  3. i want you to write a love letter for me and for your other slut pigs. I want to see which love letter you can come up with is better. i want you to write that i am a better sex pig than the others. i am a better jizz taker. i am a better cock sucker. no other sex pig can ever match me. they will lose in whatever sex contests. i am the best sex pig you can ever have.

  4. love_letter_addictFebruary 6, 2010 at 6:42 AM

    i want you to write a love letter while you fuck me. write those magical words while you plow your hard and monster dick up my pussy. I am sure you will be motivated to write the letter while your dick is savoring my cunt. Make it romantic and sex. I am willing to be fucked all night and all day long just for you to come up with a good love letter.

  5. i can write a love letter on your ass, of course. now that my other slave has cheated on me, i can scrawl a love letter on your back and ass while impregnating you from behind


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