03 February 2010

BJ in the car

i've parked behind a apartment complex
across the street from your work
and you've protested: "I don't want
to suck it, people can see."

I pull it out nonetheless
and before long it's deep in your mouth.
people are walking about
seeing you bobbing on it.

"Okay, that's enough," I say. I let you
up. kiss your cheek and chin. "let's go
get some coffee," I say.
we get out, you walk ahead.

some men tell me my lights are on
you think they are talking about you:
the slut, the cocksucker, the publicly
humiliated cumpig.

and from the way that they smirk
I know that they are.


  1. why does that sex bitch does not want to give you head in the car? what is she afraid of? if she does not like, then she is not worthy to be called your sex pig. this whore with a big face does not deserve to be called your slut pig.
    I can give you BJ in the car where lots of people can see. Choke me with that big fat cock of yours until I gasp for air. Gag me by stuffing that monster cock of yours to my throat until i get teary eyed. Oh I love it, master.

  2. oh my love, i will suck your cock in your car. you can choke me with that big fat cock of yours. you can gag me as you stuff that monster tool of yours on my throat. I will take everything that you give. I love that big cock of yours.

  3. we went straight at the back of your car in a public parking space. you tore my clothes down. i was naked. you slap my tits with that monster cock of yours. you said you want to fuck me. i resented. i dont like many people will us. i want us to go inside the car. but you insisted the fucking be done outside. people are talking about us. i can tell that they are thinking how a whore i am. i feel so humiliated. i feel so ashame of my self.

  4. i am willing to give you the best blowjob in your car. i want the passers by to see how i deliver that best head. You can moan to high heavens while youo stuff that big cock of yours in my throat. we can roll down the windows of the car so that people can see clearly how you enjoy my blowjob. men can jack off themselves while they see actual porn in your car live before your eyes. i am the best sex slut who can always give you the best blowjob.

  5. hey master i want your cum so bad.. i want that hot load on my mouth and i want to swallow every drop of it. oh yes im your cum pig and desperate naked whore all wanting to serve and satisfy you..piss all over me. i want that hot warm piss all over my face and tits. do it master. is there a contest for piss showering or piss eating? ill be on it master...the dirtier the better for me.

  6. hey master, im always your best cumslut and i will make sure that i will let you shoot your load first. you know that im your cum pig. and i will make sure that your jizz goes straight to my mouth. can ass slut Amanda do that? is she a cum eater as well? you can plug in all dildos in my pussy and i wont mind a bit. of course it would be better if a real dick like yours would be in there.

  7. That will be a long ass hot ride if you got bitch sucking your dick while you are driving.I am more than willing to stay inside the car and sit in the long ass traffic while bitch is giving me a head.


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