10 January 2016

MJ's a Naughty Nymphette (although they have updated the name to Wicked Pen(i)s #EARTG #MrBrtg #SSRTG

I don't want to be part of any group that would have me for a member." --Groucho Marx

Groucho is correct, but luckily some in this group didn't want me, so I feel comfortable joining. 

Check out mrblackthorne.com where I am now featured as one of the Wicked Pens. I do believe I have a big, wicked pen so I feel I'm in good company. The other writers are quite talented, so you will be sure to find something your flavor, from assy to classy to sassy. This group runs the gamut of Romance to Erotica categories.

Also, make sure you check out my advice on bit.ly/HowToTameAnAlien during a Dildogeddon. Be honest, don't I have the best URLs?


WARNING: This site shows GRAPHIC PORN so bug off if you're not 18+. Thank you! Kissies!

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