09 January 2015

Fucked Her Ass (Remix 2) | Poem in Four Colors of Abuse | by Moctezuma Johnson

Part One

I fucked her so hard
it happened in four colors
Wait on the ground
kneeling, you piece 
of shit pig

No, you can't! 

Stay there, head 
in the toilet

I know you're cold

Part Two

I went to the front door
my beautiful girlfriend
stood there in her church clothes
hairband pulling her face out

"I just wanted to stop by
and give you a little kiss."

She planted her lips on my cheek
she had the longest lashes
they fluttered on my temples
I heard squirming from the bathroom 

Part Three

With girlfriend in mind 
I dildo'd her ass
with a massive green butt plug
while she stayed head in toilet

"you're a dirty Asian gutter slut!"

Part Four

fucked her ass
fucked her ass
fucked her ass
fucked her ass

Part Four and a half


Part Five

I texted my girlfriend:
"home safe?"
"Yes, sweetie!"

Part Six

She leaned face down in the shower
with water pouring over her and sobbed

If your jaw isn't already on the floor, 
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