14 August 2012

The Audio Script

Record Audio which plays in her ears on headphones while you throatfuck her

  1. i am your cumpig! x 10 now say it outloud to me, cumpig
  2. master, do whatever you want to my face
  3. now, fuckmeat, repeat outload, "my throat belongs to you master, it is yours to destroy, abuse, assault, attack, defile, deflower, molest, ravish, devastate, assault, demolish, desecrate, raze, violate"
  4. now, fuckmeat, repeat outload, "please desecrate me, master!"
  5. say, "all asians are toys for their white masters"
  6. you should go deeper, all the way down, till my balls on on your lips and chin, till my cock is buried past your tonsils in your throat. Repeat outloud, "i know i don't deepthroat right sir, i'm sorry"
  7. Master, I am all yours. I am your whore, cumpig, slave.
  8. I am your cumpig. I am your cumpig. 

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