10 January 2012

Camila Ricci

my censor, my rival
my opponent, my nemesis
took my cock in her mouth
i slapped her cumpig again
with your fists, she said
puaj, she said
as the first gooey globs
dripped on her tongue
no saques la lengua
si no quisiera comer el esperma!
that slattern whore
sucked on it for a while
thinking she was going good
she lay herself back on the bed
i straddled her
like she wanted to be facefucked.
hit me, she said
i slapped her, that slattern whore,
across the ugly face
hit me, the jade said again
i beat her
then cock slapped her
then fucked her throat
till she puked
i put an anal plug in her ass
"I will be your girlfriend, para siempre!"
I sent her home and texted her:
"this isn't working out, puta"


  1. I am sure Camila is having the greatest time of her life when your big dick is pumping her. She must have achieved multiple orgasms as you are always great in fucking a slut.

  2. is Camila your nemesis? How comes she yearns that you facefuck her? i bet that with your big dick and fucking skills, even your nemesis would be begging that you stuff that big dick of yours in her pussy.

  3. Fuck that nemesis of yours.Make her your slut and face fuck that bitch.She just want your monster dick so give it to that whore.

  4. Camila is one slutty cowgirl who should be collared by a big cock. She and Amanda are smack bitches while they suck dick of a big cock dude. Camila is not the nemesis. Deep inside her she tells to herself: "face fuck me as hard as you can like you did to grace in that hotel". Now, that is hidden obsession from Camila to the Master.

    I write in Google: "Camilla Ricci" (me) and showed me this thing

  6. En Serio?? JAJAJAJAJA realmente patetico

  7. "Face Fuck Grace"February 9, 2012 at 8:34 AM

    Her big tits are shaking and I peer over her head and see her ass cheeks bouncing and unload my load onto her face.

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