17 April 2011

A shitty day

i woke up
to my girlfriend hitting me
with her hand on my back
then smacking me with a pillow
cause i set my alarm to wake her up
for work
she was complaining that she was always late

then i went to the gym
saw my other girlfriend,
the one who isn't married,
who is still hot and skinny-waisted--
she said she doesn't want to see me

then my future mistress
came up with me but
blue-balled me
cause she's scared she'll
fall for me.


  1. the future mistress is now my girlfriend and clinging on to me when i want to pull away and fuck a bevy of new bitches

  2. She wants you all by herself Master. That's normal to a girl with big dick boyfriend. My girlfriend likes my horse dick so much and she keep saying I'm hers and hers alone. I fucking love it coz her pussy only wants my tube steak.


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