26 December 2010

i have been thinking about Jenny a lot
the way she let me fuck her ass night in and night out
so i could fuck her hard and still cum inside of her
without getting her pregnant

she would lay on her side
let me face fuck her to death
a statue
a pretty relic
of old Korea
long black hair
hairy pussy
thin yet not really toned
and utterly dying to please me

i never knew why
and i still don't

i cannot ask her
because she never wants to speak to me again

i don't want to speak to her either
just want to stick my cock in her holes


  1. is she a Korean slut? she is one daring sex whore who is willing to please you just so she could gulp that hot creamy splooge.

  2. Look at how she opens her big mouth just so she could take every jizz oozed out from the gigantor dick. doesnt she set a bar of excellent jizz-taking for all the other sluts to follow?

  3. That bitch can take a big ass cock in her mouth and deep throat that shit. Wide mouth bitch who like to swallow cum.

    1. She was really hot and loved getting facefucked and assfucked. Any ideas why i threw her away?

    2. Maybe because her pussy is too wide already and her ass too. You got a big ass dick Master and her ass and pussy is not flexible enough to take it. But take her back and just fist fuck her.

  4. she must have a thickly forested pussy? does she shaved? the master wants it clean.


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