02 October 2008

Moctezuma's "Bloodless"

Originally featured in Ascent Aspirations in August 2007, to whose editors grateful acknowledgment is made.


We accept the stupid president
military spending capitalist money
military spreading democracy
hanging their leaders
but no-one dare question ours
we accept them peeking our emails
tapping the phones
our own superiority.
We do not accept any of this when challenged
full of shit bastards that we are
with laziness
if we respected ourselves we'd stand up
we'd get the gloves, the guns, the masks, the SAMs
but we rather stay on the couch and order a pizza
have strangers lick our genitals
(you may call that person a partner or not,
it's still a stranger)
in the dark
erogenous zones
have their own desires
and needs
that motivate us to shadows;
similar to that desire for power

We accept the shadows
while our leaders shine and blaze


  1. Let them fucker do what they want. Sit on the couch,drink some beer and relax. Call some slut and let them suck. The dick that is huge and hard.

  2. wow the literary work above is very inspiring. good job master. and more of this please.


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